Board of Supervision

The Board of Supervision provides requested and unsolicited advice to the executive board and the faction. We have weekly informal contact and serve as a sparring partner for the executive board and the faction. The Board of Supervision is responsible for long-term policy. In addition to its advisory role, the Board of Supervision also has a supervisory role.

The General Members Meeting (GMM) is the highest body of the association. Below that is the Board of Supervision. The board is ultimately responsible for keeping the association operational, and the faction is responsible for advocacy.

What does the Board of Supervision do:

  • Encourages ideas from the executive board and faction.
  • Actively facilitates the executive board and faction in implementing those ideas.
  • Ensures that the executive board complies with the statutes and the internal regulations.
  • Ensures continuity, even when the board's term ends.
  • Monitors and ensures the financial health of the association (together with the audit committee).

When does the executive board and the faction contact the Board of Supervision:

  • For expenses exceeding €500 and efforts that require a significant amount of time.
  • For decisions that also affect future board terms.
  • In case of disagreements within the board.
  • During the application process.
  • When there are issues with adhering to the policy plan.

When should you (as a member) contact the Board of Supervision:

The executive board is the primary point of contact for questions and problems. If you cannot resolve an issue with the board or discuss something with them, you can turn to the Board of Supervision. Email:

Raad van Toezicht

Kirsten Goes (2011) Voorzitter
Sander san der Dussen (2020) Secretaris
Bjorn de Boer (2020) Secretaris
Kevin Mielo (2018) Algemeen lid
Fleur Panhuis (2020) Algemeen lid