In January 2002, the Interfaculty Student Faction (ISF) was established by a group of administrators from various student associations at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The motivation behind establishing the ISF was the significant issues that the associations were facing with the inadequate facilities for student associations at the Hanze University. Additionally, these administrators had the desire to advocate for the interests of all students at the Hanze University. It quickly became apparent that the ISF needed more continuity and resources. Regularly, ideas or proposals arose from the faction that required further work or research. Therefore, the Hanze Student Interest Association was founded in June 2004. The board and the faction are closely linked to each other and have moved forward into the future under one name, HSV.

The Hanze Student Interest Association has a rich history of committed individuals who share the same goal: to represent the interests of all students at the Hanze University and to have fun and camaraderie in the process. The involvement of active members and alumni remains significant, leading to the formation of a true HSV family.

The successive boards of the HSV each had a unique focus, ranging from internal organization and name recognition to external contacts, internal process consolidation, and member recruitment. Several events and initiatives were organized to emphasize the HSV's involvement in the student community.

From the outset, the HSV has placed the interests of students at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences at the forefront, striving for continuous growth and development, both individually and collectively. The HSV remains a key player in ensuring a positive student experience and fostering a close-knit community within the Hanze University.