the Board

The board takes care of the daily operations of the advocacy association. The board consists of five students and is responsible for determining the direction of the association, managing finances, leading committees, and so forth.

The HSV board was established after the first year of the faction. With this, the board has taken on all association tasks, allowing the faction to focus better on its work in the URC. This includes communication with members, preparation for elections, and organizing activities for the members.

Bestuur 2023-2024

Lisa Middelbos (2023) Voorzitter
Ruben Bartelds (2022) Vice-Voorzitter
Matthijs Zut (2023) Secretaris
Bert ten Napel (2022) Penningmeester
Fleur Matser (2023) Intern Coördinator

Lisa Middelbos (Chairwoman 2023-2024)
Ruben Bartelds (Vice-Chairman 2023-2024)
Matthijs Zut (Secretary 2023-2024)
Bert ten Napel (Treasurer 2023-2024)
Fleur Matser (Internal Coordinator 2023-2024)