Confidential advisors

"Are you facing any issues? Is there something you'd prefer not to share in your environment? Or are you looking for someone to talk to? The HSV (Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging) has two confidential advisors this year: Anna Rins de Vries (member of the Board of Supervision and a graduate in Social Work) and Niels Pennings (member of the Promotion Committee and has completed the minor Conflict Management).

You can always approach them. They will offer a sympathetic ear and, upon request, schedule a conversation with you. The information you share will be handled with care, and nothing will be shared without your consent.

You can contact Anna Rins and Niels through the following contact information:

Anna Rins:


If you need an external confidential advisor, yWijzigingen opslaan can contact Marga Berends, the confidential advisor of Hanze.

You can reach Marga through the following contact information:

Phone: 06-34630276


Anna Rins de Vries
Niels Pennings


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