The Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging

As the oldest and largest student advocacy organization at Hanze University, the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging primary mission is to represent the interests of the diverse student community at the college. With a rich history and a strong commitment to improving the student experience, the association serves as a crucial link between students and the college administration.

Internally, the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging is structured into a board and a political group. The political group actively participates in the Hogeschool Student Council, where as council members they make the students' voices heard in important decision-making processes at the college.

The Hogeschool Student Council itself is divided into both a student delegation and a staff delegation, with the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging representing the interests of the students. This structure ensures a balanced representation of both students and staff, ensuring that a wide range of perspectives are included in decisions that affect the entire college community.

Whether you are looking for support, information, or just want to participate in the vibrant Hanze student community, the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging is ready to welcome you. Our dedicated team of administrators and group members is always ready to listen to your concerns, questions, and suggestions. We are here to ensure that your voice is heard and that the student experience at Hanze University is constantly improving.

Discover the many benefits of membership in the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging and become actively involved in decisions that directly affect you. Together, we can enrich the college experience for all students and make Hanze University Groningen even better. Join the Hanze Studentenbelangen Vereniging today and make your voice count!

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